Website Support Service

We offer our existing clients access to extra services to help them manage and maintain their websites. Look out for training videos, top tips and inspiration sections coming in the future. We currently offer three levels of ongoing support: Basic, Advanced, Premium. See the breakdown of what’s included in each below.

Add the services you require below, click add to cart, and then proceed through the checkout process. Your payment will be processed automatically by either Stripe or Paypal. Your card details will not be stored on our website. At any point you will be able to login to your account on this website and cancel or modify your subscription. If you are having any issues with this process, please get in touch through the contact form on our homepage.

From: £10.00 / month



Our basic service includes a simple hosting plan, managed updates for WordPress, plugins and theme twice a year and backups taken every month. This service would be suitable for a small business or startup without much traffic going to the website.


Our advanced plan is for those businesses moving to the next level or sell products through their website. This plan includes a more advanced hosting plan, managed updates 4 times a year and weekly backups. We also include a yearly Search Engine (SEO) and Analytics report to help your improve your google position and to help you understand what your customers are using your website for. We also include 2 minor website changes per year for free (see criteria here).


Our premium plan is for businesses attracting large amounts of traffic or wanting to make regular changes and improvements to their website. This plan has our largest hosting plan, managed updates every month and daily backups. We provide SEO and analytic reports every 3 months, helping you to make regular website optimisations. We are also including 5 minor website changes per year for free (see criteria here).

Website Hosting

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere, your basically renting a portion of a computer server which hosts & displays all your content. It can be a very confusing space, with services ranging from £3/month - £300/month and more. We can help simplify the process by hosting & managing your website, allowing us to set up backups and ensure you're website is maintained correctly.

Unless your getting hundreds or thousands of visitors every day, most websites just need something simple - fast, secure, unlimited traffic and easy to manage. We offer a bit extra for those on our Advanced or Premium service:

Basic - 2.5GB storage, 3 Email Accounts & Monthly Backups.
Advanced - 5GB Storage, 6 Email Accounts & Weekly Backups.
Premium - 7.5GB Storage, 12 Email Accounts & Daily Backups.

Website Maintenance

Website’s can be incredibly complex. While Wordpress can simplify the process, plugins and themes still have to be updated, backups to be made and security scans to be run. All of this can be learnt and managed, but if you already have 101 things on your to-do list, then we’re happy to help keep things working nicely and safe from hackers.

Updates to new versions often include security updates, code tweaks and new features. We analyse each change for every update to try and work out if anything will go wrong or cause any issues. We process updates at set intivals outside of peak hours and test out the changes to ensure things work as they should.

Features Include:

  • Managed WordPress version updates
  • Plugin updates with conflict testing
  • Theme updates and
  • Weekly database backups stored online and offline
  • Backup restoration
  • Security scans
  • Removing potential threats.

Analytics Reports

Analytics is simply a record of who visits your website and what they do when they're there. We have worked on a huge range of different websites in different industries and can help spot problem pages or unusual behaviour, we can then help to diagnose the problems or work out how to capitalise on what's going well. We then layout our findings, highlighting select analytical data with easy to understand pointers and recommendations.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engines can bring a huge new audience to your website. Websites get to the top of search terms on Google for a vast number of reasons. Conquering SEO is an ongoing process and not a one-off. Our reports will help identify areas where you can improve your website with helpful jargon-free suggestions and tips. We can help to optimise your website for search engines, alongside helping to create new content and target new audiences.

For our Premium service we also offer Keyword tracking. We will track up to 5 keywords which you wish to rank for on Google. You will recieve an email weekly with the Google position of your website for each keyword in the top 100 results.