It’s no use having a website if it isn’t fulfilling its potential. Whether your website is a simple “shop front” or a multi-page Ecommerce platform, we offer a comprehensive website audit to suit all needs. It will take between 2 – 4 hours and covers all aspects of a website that are important to its effectiveness and functionality.

Here is a breakdown of all the features we check, and a note of the benefits that ensuring they are working well gives:


The speed of your website is important for it to be able to function well, to give the best user experience and to help improve SEO.


We will check how open your website is to hackers, how safe people may feel using your website and check for a security certificate which helps to encrypt and protect the users data.


More and more people are visiting websites via their mobile phones. If your website is not easy to view or use on a mobile device this could be detrimental to your business sales and image.


Search Engine Optimisation is key for ensuring that your website is easy for users to find when searching online. Good SEO can result in more people finding and choosing your business. (We also offer a comprehensive SEO audit, see below).


It is important to consider what you put on your website when thinking of user experience. Too little text could mean they miss the message, but too much could have the same effect. Relevant and well placed text and photos are vital.


It is good to check that all links and forms are easy to find, use and are working correctly.

As we go through these check-points we will fix or make any minor changes that will instantly improve your websites functionality. For any major changes we will put together a one page action plan of what can be done. After this you decided if you want to implement the changes yourself or we will be able to work on them for you at an hourly rate. It’s up to you!

We also offer a comprehensive SEO audit, which we can recommend at the end of the website audit, or do alongside for a further fee of £50 and will take approximately another  2 – 4 hours.


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