Has someone designed your website for you? Did you know that if they have, then likelyhood is that legally they own it. Copyright is automatically asigned to the author of content, whether it’s a book, blog article, song or website code; anything original that has been created by someone.

What if I paid for my website?

Designers often care more about making things user friendly and beautiful then they do about terms and conditions and legal jargon. Unless you signed a contract when agreeing with your

What can I do about it?

First of all, 9 times out of 10 it won’t matter. Generally speaking, designers are nice people. We tend to focus on making things easy to use and beautiful to worry too much about terms and conditions and copyright laws. As part of every website we create we sign over copyright of the website to our clients, alongside teaching them how to make changes and tip for how to create great content.

We see this as an essential part of the process. If the hand over isn’t done properly, then we’ll be recieving phone calls for the next ten years whenever

A website should be able to grow with your buisness. We live in a culture where we are more than happy to throw something away after 3 years – in fact I have spoken to buisnesses that budget for a new website redesign every three years.

It shouldn’t be like this. Build scalable websites. Focus on realistic goals for how regularly you will keep it up to date, and make sure as many people in your buisness understand how the web can help your business, and what role they can play in keeping it as an effective tool for reaching your customers.